AQUEL TROVAR is the new musical project of four experienced musicians.

The three instrumentalists (Antonio Torralba, José Ignacio Fernández and Daniel Sáez Conde) come from the old ensemble CINCO SIGLOS (1990-2016).

The voice was also an old collaborator of the aforementioned musical group: the soprano Delia Agúndez, who has developed an outstanding career in the field of early music.

They have prepared several delicious programs of medieval and Renaissance music. And

they have recorded four highly successful albums.

LIVE FRAGMENTS OF CANTAR SOLA. Voces de mujer en la lírica tradicional



"What impressed most of all was the degree of cohesion of these three musicians who, basically, do not even need to look at each other to make really beautiful performances. (...)

Delia's voice is perfect for that kind of repertoire, because it fits perfectly to these beautiful lines, sometimes naif but never simple. (...)

A beautiful concert of those you leave happy, you leave enchanted, you understand that the world can be better thanks to these people.".

(Daniel de la Puente. EL ÁTICO. CLÁSICA FM)

"Delia Agúndez shows a soprano voice which is clear but never poignant.

In just over an hour you can enjoy the rich and varied program of this CD.

It offers a pleasant mix of vocal and instrumental pieces played with as much energy as sensitivity through a very transparent sound

and of an exceptional and very well graded spatial image. The libretto in Spanish and English is also worthy of praise, in which each piece is the object of a brief commentary."