The four musicians of AQUEL TROVAR have worked together for years in CINCO SIGLOS and share a philosophy that can be summarized in three ideas: 

Respect to the sources, search for the evocative power of early music and care for the detail.

Research, respect for music itself, must not be subordinated to the personality of the artist, who must serve music instead of using it.

Early music is ancient music and music of today. The latter is so evident that we do not think that it should be strengthened. 

For this reason, our emotional work focuses on evocation, to which the words by Jorge Manrique (Coplas to the death of his father) that give name to the group refer:

Qué se hizo aquel trovar/ aquellas músicas acordadas / que tañían?

The difficult situation of the market sometimes leads to the multiplication of productions made by excellent professionals whose enormous talent can not always compensate for the rush or the lack of means.

In terms of research and interpretation, AQUEL TROVAR wants to work constantly and intensively to try to give its best taking care of each and every one of the smallest details.